Cinema 4 Websites


In addition to V for Voluminous, C for Cinema, I have several other blogs and websites which you might enjoy exploring:

The Cinema 4 Pylon –

  • Random excursions into film history, mostly genre driven, with occasional forays into music, baseball, card collecting, travel, or whatever subject catches my fancy. But mostly film.

Cinema 4: Cel Bloc –

  • My long-running animation blog. Full, detailed, spoiler-ridden reviews of ancient cartoons, featuring the world’s most diverse collection of animated wildlife.

The Shark Film Office –

  • The world didn’t know that it needed it, but I felt differently. There are more shark films out there than anyone is even aware, and I’m the guy to review them for you. I cover feature films, documentaries, cartoons, and even TV shows. (Yes, that means the Fonz jumping a shark…)

Intelli-Allergentsia –

  • My allergy and gluten-free blog, started not because I am intolerant to gluten, but because I have about two dozen allergies. One of those allergens is wheat, so I live gluten-free to avoid it, but doing so causes a lot of stress, and having to battle constantly with bad labelling, misinformation in restaurants, and ridiculous posturing from the public. Consider this blog my front in the war…


Separate from my Cinema 4 brand, I also have two more recent sites started with my writing partner, Aaron Lowe. They are:

We Who Watch Behind the Rows –

  • Subtitled “Stephen King in Print and on Film,” We Who Watch is our drive to reread and review the written works of Stephen King, and then watch and review all of the films and/or shows and mini-series derived from those works. Yeah, it’s going to take decades…

Visiting and Revisiting with Rik and Aaron –

  • A movie-oriented site where Aaron and I select a film with which one has a long history or great familiarity, but that the other person has never seen before. We watch it and then discuss and review the film to gauge our reactions against our expectations, sometimes with surprising results.



I also hire out as a freelance writer and editor. If you need help with a project or require an article on any topic, please visit my company website to learn more information, or to view my portfolio and resume.



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