Beyond Love of Film and Love of Books… Love of Books ABOUT Film.

When I moved from Alaska to California over a decade ago, there was one section of my library that did not take as much of a hit as other categories when the time came to pare it down for my eventual relocation to another state and life: my film reference section.

More than my Dr. Seuss and Edgar Rice Burroughs collections, more than my stacks of baseball literary ephemera, if there was one type of book or author that meant more to me than anything else on my library shelves, it was the unending amount of volumes I had collected since I was a teenager regarding the history of film.

Before I moved, I had over 4,000 books, which I somehow managed to cut down to about 2,400 volumes before I boxed them all up and sent them down via truck to the “Lower 48” (now just “the 48” to me… I’ve always wondered if anybody down here ever refers to Alaska as the “Upper 1” – well, certainly nobody in Texas…) As I said, I got rid of a lot of books before I left; some went to appreciative friends or family, but most were turned in for credit (and a certain chunk of cash) at a local used bookstore. But the film reference library, with a handful of regrettable exceptions (a couple of which I have already replaced), was kept mostly intact.

This website serves as a home for my reviews of the film books in my collection, or even remembrances of books about film read long ago that I have never quite obtained for my own library for whatever reason (though usually just my own laziness). The thrust of the site will be on books about film or that touch on film in some way, even if they mere novelizations or even children’s picture book adaptations. There may occasionally be a title that is only tangentially related to the subject of film – and sometimes barely so – but as I am also the editor of the site as well, I can pretty much stretch the rules any way that I see fit. So there…

I hope that you enjoy this site, and if you would like to share your own favorite titles or discuss the book at hand, feel free to leave a comment. The more the merrier!



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